Top 5 Sweatiest Workouts

Top 5 Sweatiest Workouts

The Sweatiest of Workouts

Top 5 of the Most Sweat-Inducing Workouts                                                               
April 13, 2020

Let’s Not Waste Any Time

We’re pretty sure you came here to just see them, know them, and apply them in your workout set. So let’s not waste any time and cut to the chase! Here are OmegaBurn's Top 5 Workouts to Get That Sweat Flowin’! 

  1. Yoga

 Believe it or not, this common practice has been perfected over the years to twist and turn your body to get your muscles and organs to release toxins that are harmful to the body. It’s been studied that the more you sweat during yoga class indicates you have been filling yourself up with harmful foods and substances. The less you sweat that’s a pretty good sign… or you could just be doing it wrong. Make sure to learn the right techniques to ensure the best and safest workout. 

  1. Kettlebell Workouts 

Depending on the weight and brand, it depends on the pricing for this killer piece of equipment. But, if you do not have access to a kettlebell, don’t worry, you can use a water jug or any weighted object in your home that has some grip to it. This workout is usually used for cardio, building cut muscle, and increasing strength all at once. Don’t judge gym equipment by its cover, this ball with a handle will get you sweating in minutes!

  1. Dancing

Whether your moves are fire or wack it doesn't matter if you're just trying to have fun and burn some calories. Just put together a playlist that consists of your top 5 favorite tracks and prepare to get down! 

  1. Just Go For a Walk 

It’s in our DNA, we’ve done it since the age between 9-12 months old. Walking just a few blocks in the Spring or Summer time will get those pores to open up and release sweat. This daily practice for most people is such an effective way for those who are new to the idea of fitness. If you’ve been doing this all of your life, we don't need to tell you how, but if you're between the age of 9-12 months… How are you reading this? 

  1. Cardio With No Equipment

From jogging in place to shadowboxing and jumping jacks, these equipment-free workouts are meant to get the blood and sweat flowing! Strengthening the heart and building a high lung capacity is essential to having a healthy body that you're not only proud of looking at but proud to live in! 

That's All Folks

We hope this helped you to get active and see how easy it is to start! If this article has helped you check us out at to find motivational, stylish, and comfortable fitness apparel in our Catalog. Happy Sweating!

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