Motivation with Sweat Activated Apparel

Motivation with Sweat Activated Apparel

Motivate Your Friends and Families with OMEGABURN Sweat Activated T-Shirts

You may see our sweat-activated t-shirts like other workout clothes you’ve probably purchased in the past, but this is entirely different. This is because our sweat-activated t-shirt is designed and produced to something other tops aren’t capable of doing. And that’s telling you when you’ve worked to the peak. This t-shirt is created, designed, and packaged for those who are passionate about sports, training, and fitness. 

As you sweat during the workouts, the t-shirt passes the messages that say “no more excuses.” Getting your t-shirt wet during workout is a motivation on its own. This could sound funny, but it remains an inspiration for friends, families, and other people around you.

What makes OMEGABURN Sweat Activated T-Shirts a New Generation Fitness Cloth?

All our shirts are made of up 90% combed and ringspun cotton coupled with a polyester material of 10%. This makes it extraordinarily cool and stylish, and it provides you with the avenue to comfortably create sudden and intense movement.

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