Could This Be The Perfect Gym Shirt? 

Could This Be The Perfect Gym Shirt? 

T-shirts gained their popularity between the 1950’s and the 1960’s and have been fashioned for numerous occasions. Over fifty decades and the only things that have changed about the T-Shirt are design and fashion. From cars to cell phones, society has invented new ways to innovate everything we seem to come up with. The same goes for clothing but only the way it looks and not the way it works. 

You usually do not hear the words “Shirt” and “Technology” in the same sentence. No, not those corny light up shirts you buy at an amusement park but technology that is actually built in the fabric. A Tee that was designed to suit your needs to bring comfort and creativity to your workout and/or daily activities. Sweat Activation is the name of the game and you may have heard of it.

Even though OmegaBurn isn’t the first Athleisure Brand to do Sweat Activation, we do guarantee that our product is the best on the market. Many advertise 100% invisibility on their Tees but do not deliver as promised. Our Tees look like the average Shirt until you sweat and a motivational message is revealed. Our product definitely does not feel like the average Shirt though with our 60% Ring-Spun Cotton and 40% Polyester blend with Stretchable and Ultrasoft fabric that fits your form perfectly that promotes mobility in your workout.

Check out our Catalog of Sweat Activated Technology Shirts here! 

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