Staying Fit and Motivated During COVID-19


Motivational Fitness

Get Motivated To Workout At Home

Distractions, They’re Everywhere!

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many have been trapped in their homes either working on the computer or left sitting around with not much to do. Surrounded by Video Games, Netflix, and Social Media within the comfort of our own homes these can be major distractions when trying to either start or maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. So we at OmegaBurn are here to give you a motivational kick on the rear to get you up and moving!

Where To Start

Weights, Treadmills, Bodyweight Exercises… what are we to do to begin our journey to that dream body we desire? Well, we can have all of the fitness equipment Walmart has to offer but if we lack the correct motivation, our efforts to stay fit will be lackluster or will become non-existent. Here at OmegaBurn, we have conducted a formula to keep you motivated to get started and to spark a level of excitement to reach the end of your workout.

Sweating is a necessity to attain the maximum effectiveness of your workout. To check out what are the most sweat-inducing indoor workouts check out our new article so you can have that living room floor looking like an indoor pool. With our Sweat Activated 2.0 Technology, we not only want you to get an effective workout but to look cool and feel comfortable while sweating. What does this have to do with working out indoors? We realize how difficult it may be to break a sweat in your home with that AC blasting, so we have created a fitness tee designed to intrigue you to push to the last drop.

Stay Motivated

We know that our product has impacted and motivated a plentiful amount of gym-rats to stay active and fit. It is an essential key for us that you are not only exercising but having some fun to make an invisible task visible. Whether it’s at home, in the office, or running around the block, we have a multitude of selections for you to choose from to get you pumped to start sweating! Check out our Catalog to choose the one that suits you best. Stay motivated and feel the burn only here at 

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