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Omegaburn Sweat Activated Shirts

Shirts with an invisible motivational message that only shows when you sweat!

"I think of these shirts as my personal trainer. Makes me not want to stop until I can read it all" - Yoima

✅ 100% Invisible Until You Sweat!

✅ Motivation to Push Harder

✅ Premium Quality Fabric

✅ Amazing Fit

There is Only 1 Rule: Your workout is not done until you can read the entire message!


Is it Washable?

YES, You can wash it like any other shirt. Once the shirt is dry, the design will be invisible and ready to show again when you work out hard and sweat!

Is it Skin Safe?

Absolutely. We use hypoallergenic, materials to achieve the invisible design effect.

How does it Fit?

Men's shirts fit True to Size. Ladies tanks are true to size but fitted. We recommend getting a size up if you want a roomier fit on the women's tanks.

Can you make custom designs?

Yes. More info Here.

Designed & Printed in the USA

We proudly make all of our products in our Miami Beach, FL shop.


Workout Shirt or Magic?

Introducing our sweat activated technology T-Shirts. Featuring a 100% invisible design until you start sweating. These hidden message shirts are the best motivation. The only rule is: Your workout is not done until you can read the entire message.